Why Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

Job searches require time and energy. Between crafting the perfect resume, scouting for job opportunities, networking, applying to positions, preparing for the job interview, attending telephone and in-person interviews, waiting to hear back from recruiters… job hunting can feel like a full-time job!


49% of job-seekers say their greatest frustration is getting no response from employers.

Falling into what’s known as the “resume black hole” is a common occurrence, one that often discourages even the most positive jobseekers. 


Dealing with job search rejection can be difficult and distressing. 


Your resume is the first step in the job hunt process – if it isn’t getting you results, consider getting some professional help. Working with a professional resume writer will alleviate the problem, facilitate your job search experience and get doors opening for you.  This will not only put a stop to the loss of income every month, but it will help you gain your confidence back.


A certified resume writer’s expertise is to make your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.  Keywords, strategic customizing, accomplishments, quantifiable data, applicant tracking systems… these are just some of the elements a professional resume writer will take into consideration while crafting your targeted resume.


The goal is to help you land interviews for jobs that you find personally and financially satisfying. The investment is well worth it and will pay off itself once you land the position you want faster and easier.


Wishing you much success, 




About the author

Karine Shogher Touloumjian is a bilingual Canadian Certified Resume Strategist with a background in Recruitment and Human Resources.

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