Attract Employers by Sharing Your Values

One of the ways to set yourself apart from other qualified candidates is to share your values in your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. 

Values, you askBeing qualified isn’t enough – employers look for candidates with strong people skills and emotional intelligence. Values complement your work history, education and career accomplishments.

Many organizations share their corporate values online and for marketing purposes. Why shouldn’t you share yours, especially when they’re aligned with the employer’s values? This is a good way to demonstrate the driving forces behind your actions and what it’s like working with you.

Sharing your values will highlight:

  • Your personality

  • Your contributions

  • Your work ethic

Analyzing the skills needed by your target employer and aligning your values to match their needs will elevate your resume and speak to the reader. 

You can clearly state your values in your resume (trustworthy, leadership, confidence, compassion) OR you can describe behaviours that illustrate the kind of person you are and insinuate your values. Here are some ways to incorporate them in your career documents.

Including Values as Part of Your Resume Opening Statement :

Example 1: Sales Training Manager

Instead of: “A Sales Training Manager motivated by creating good relationships and closing sales.”  (Poor in values)

 Use: “A respected influencer driven and motivated by creating a healthy work environment and business growth. Known for solid work ethic, optimistic mindset, courageous and authentic presence.” (Rich in values)

Example 2: Sales and Business Development Professional 

Instead of: “Leads teams to exceed sales targets and increase profitability.” (Poor in values)

Use: “Motivates cross-functional teams and creates strategic alliances at all levels to achieve corporate objectives and deliver superior results. Savvy communicator, listens to clients’ needs, implements solutions and builds trusting relationships.”  (Rich in values…demonstrates performance, trust, credibility, leadership, cooperation.)

Include Values in Your Accomplishments:

Example 3:  Banking Manager

Instead of: “Was promoted to Position XYZ.” (Poor in values)

Use: “Praised by upper management for delivering exceptional customer service and consistently attracting new clients; promoted to position XYZ after 8 months of employment.” (Rich in values…demonstrates communication, connection, service, results-oriented.)

Example 4:  Executive Coach

Instead of: “Successfully trained employees.” (Poor in values)

Use: “Coached management-level employees who went on to hold decision-making and key positions throughout the organization.” (Rich in values…demonstrates excellence, competence, effectiveness.)

Aligning your skills, education, accomplishments and experience to match the needs of your target employers and adding a touch of personality and values to your career documents will set you apart from other candidates and increase your interview invitations!

Wishing you much success!



About the author

Karine Shogher Touloumjian is a bilingual (English/French) Canadian Certified Resume Strategist with a background in Recruitment and Human Resources.

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